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Three sentenced to prison for racial hate crime lynching of Pittsburgh college student in 2012

Three men have been given prison time for the 2012 racial hate crime lynching of a W&J football player. The perps were only given 3rd degree murder. They will be out in as little as 10, 6, and 5 years. The thugs had serious criminal records to begin with.

If the races had been reversed, this would have been a massive news story and the media would have screamed about race. News crews would have raced from Ferguson to Pittsburgh to cover the trial. Instead it was a “hush crime” that the media downplayed as “a robbery.” Nothing of any significant value was taken. The goal of the attack was to commit serious bodily harm to some white people, not to commit robbery.

If the perps wanted to commit robbery, they would have targeted someone small and weak. The fact that they targeted a big football player, shows that they were out solely for blood.

This website reported on the lynching back in 2012. His brutal killing was part of a rash of black on white hate crime violence at the time.


The three men who were convicted of third-degree homicide in the death of a Washington & Jefferson football player nearly two years ago were sentenced Monday.

Channel 11’s Cara Sapida reported Eric Wells was sentenced to 10-25 years for third-degree murder and three-to-six years for robbery.

“I apologize for the pain I’ve caused the McNerney family,” Wells said. “I, like you, remember the circumstances every day. I wish I could offer more than an apology.”

Adam Hankins was sentenced to six-15 years for third-degree murder and three -10 years for robbery.

“I wish I could have done anything to save Tim,” Hankins said. “I will find a way to make up for my mistakes and make a difference in this world.”

Troy Simmons was sentenced to five -12 years for third-degree murder and two-to-eight years for robbery.

“I am truly sorry for my actions. They were reckless, stupid and selfish. I pray for your forgiveness,” Simmons said.

Police said Wells, Hankins and Simmons mugged and punched 21-year-old Timothy McNerney while he was walking back  to campus with a friend in October 2012.