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White Rap & Southern Pride

The left-wing is up in arms over the display of Confederate Flags in what is now an exploding new music genre of white southern hip hop bands.

The Album “Keep It Redneck” by the LACS, come out in 2013. On the billboards it made #3 in Country, #5 in rap, and #7 in Independent. It contains one song that says “fly a big rebel flag right in front of your house” in chorus.

The band Georgia Boys spelled “Jawga Boyz” is another leader of this genre. This video has almost nine million views on youtube and features Confederate flags prominently.

Moccasin Creek is a lesser known band, but one of the most aggressive with songs like “Southern Renegade.” This video has 1.3 million views on youtube. The band co-stars Glen Alvelais, who was performed on two albums for the heavy metal band Testament.