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Beautiful young PA woman stabbed twenty times in racial hate crime attack, media censors

The face that the media does not want you to see.

A young Pennsylvania woman was stabbed over twenty times in her own home and nearly killed. The level of violence vastly outweighs the value of what was stolen. A desire to kill was undoubtedly the main motive. Most media outlets are censoring pictures of the victim and the perps mug shot. This is because the victim is a beautiful young white female, and the perp is a black male. Many major media boses openly admit to censoring black crime. However, no crimes stories are more heavily censored than when an attractive white female is killed by a black male.

The only reason we were able to find out who the victim really was is because her friends and family started a fundraising page for her. If the races had been reversed, the media outlets would have plastered the victim’s face everywhere.

From fundraiser page…

Annika Horn is a beautiful soul and has been a wonderful, faithful friend for the entirety of my adult life. She was assaulted in her own home on Saturday, September 6th , nearly mortally wounded and is currently in intensive care in an undisclosed location. She has undergone several surgeries to repair the terrible damage done to her body, and will require much more specialized medical care in the months and weeks to come.

The initial prognosis said there was no way.

It’s four days later and she is with us.

Against all odds, she is expected to live. This alone is a testament to her strength.

Ani is beloved. Her warmth of spirit, her generosity, her open-mindedness and her silly, spur-of-the-moment sense of humor have changed my life, and the lives of everyone she’s met. If there is anyone who deserved this less, I’ve never met them. The coming trials ahead will be daunting, but we are a family, and we will do everything we can to support her.

To that end, we’re attempting to raise funds for the care, lost work and potential future physical and mental needs of her and her immediate loved ones.

Anything helps. If you can’t donate, maybe you can help some other way – be in touch. Ani’s bravery and strength have already won the day – we can refuse to allow this violence and ugliness to define us.

We will not live in fear in Lancaster.

We can allow our community – our love – to triumph.

We only found one media outlet that bothered to publish the perps mug shot.