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Black Memphis police chief refuses to call racially motivated mob attacks a hate crime

The mayor and police chief of Memphis.

As we reported earlier, dozens of young blacks attacked a random white pedestrian in a Krogers parking lot in Memphis. They continue to beat on him even after he appears unconscious. The perps screamed racial comments. The media completely censored the attacks. Now the black Memphis police chief is refusing to call the crimes a “hate crime.”

Despite video of the brutal attacks, Police Director Toney Armstrong declared that there was “not sufficient enough evidence to investigate this as a hate crime.”

Two Krogers employees were also assaulted when they tried to get the crowd to disperse. One of those employees is black. Armstrong says that since a black Krogers employee was also assaulted, the brutal videotaped lynching of a white pedestrian does not constitute a hate crime.

If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the country.