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Full Tinley Park Marxist Terrorist attack FOIA 100 minutes of material

This was the attack on a Chicago area restaurant by members of an ideologically “Anarcho-Marxist” gang known as ARA/Antifa. Five members of an Indiana chapter called HARM were sentenced to prison. A Sixth is awaiting trial. More suspects are still at large.

The radical left refused to denounce the violence and some on the left even praised it. The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] dedicated an issue of their magazine to romanticizing the attack, calling the thugs “flawed freedom fighters” and “a constructive force.”

All the information in the video was obtain through FOIA by attorney Kyle Bristow.

After the attack, the SPLC made HARM, one of the ARA/Antifa gang sets involved in the attack, the headline story in an issue of their magazine. The SPLC romanticized the terrorists as “flawed freedom fighters” and “a constructive force.”