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Insane Lindsey Graham says ISIS could kill all Americans

One year ago Lindsey Graham said that if the United States doesn’t do more to arm and fund Sunni Jihadists fighting the Secular government of Syria, then there might be a nuclear attack on Charleston, SC.

Now he went back on national television and said the US must launch a ground war against the exact same Sunni Jihadists that he has been arming, ” before we all get killed back here at home.”

Meanwhile in the US Senate Lindsey Graham and John McCain got a bill passed to arm and train 15,000 more Sunni Jihadists to in Syria, most of whom will end of fighting for Al-Nusra or ISIS just like all the others.

ISIS, in an English language recruitment publication for distribution among Muslim immigrants in Europe, mockingly credited John McCain with masterminding the US policies that directly led to their rise to power.