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ISIS is finding support among Israel Arabs

The Arab population of Israel is supposed to be among the most secular and enlightened of all Muslim.

ISIS is winning supporters among Arab citizens of Israel and there are even Arab Israeli citizens fighting for ISIS.


The Arab sector in Israel has been inundated with conversations and confrontations over the topic not only online, but also in cafés and mosques.

Last week an Imam praised the terror group during Friday prayers at a northern Israel mosque: “ISIS is on the right path.”

Many worshippers were upset with the statement, shouting at him: “You are defending a terror organization. We will not pray at the mosque as long as you hold such murderous thoughts of terror. You must realize that our religion does not teach us to murder people – Muslims, Christians, Jews, or Druze.”

At another mosque in the area, a physical confrontation erupted because of an argument on ISIS, after one worshipper said “the Islamic State is the only one that can establish an Islamic state, and it is good they are punishing people. I hope they make it to Israel.”

Fellow worshippers jumped the man, cursing at him. “You are terrorist scum, and you have nothing to say to us. Get out of here; we do not want to see your ilk.” The situation did not improve until local residents intervened.

One sheikh from the Galilee admitted to supporting the group. “I personally support ISIS, and I think all the clips published against them are fabricated. If it is authenticated, that they are really killers, then we are against the murders and hope they will continue on their path without the killing. They can fix themselves.”

One resident of triangle region said her husband has supported ISIS since he had heard of them. “He always prays Allah provides them strength. He has become very radical. I personally object.”

She said his radicalization was worrying. “Every time that I tell him that he is not thinking clearly, he threatens me and tells me ‘stop your nonsense. If you are not satisfied, you can leave the house. I will divorce you.'”

“I do not know what to do. I am tired of him. He is ruining our lives without even noticing,” she lamented.

Nazareth police took down signs with verses from the Quran listed side-by-side with threatening messages. “We took down a big sign with an ISIS symbol next to hurtful, inciting statements like ‘infidels that do not accept Islam – will have their limbs severed from their bodies.'”

Abed Mansour, a resident of Tira, vehemently objects to the Islamic terror group. “I know many people who have started to support ISIS. There are at least a thousand of them in this city alone. They have turned into dangerous people. I sometimes wonder if they are behind the murder and violence spree in our sector.”