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Johannesburg cop convicted of being racially motivated serial rapist

A black police officer in South Africa used his position to rape white females. He is suspected of raping over 100 women. Some of the rapes were gang rapes that included other perps, possibly other police officers.

According to the international watchdog group, racially motivated rape and gang rapes are common in South Africa.

In fact, there are documented cases of black police officers organizing homosexual gang rapes of white men. A white male victim will be arrested at random and thrown into a cell with a large group of black suspects to be gang raped.…

This is a truly hideous story-one that few people in South Africa (SA) or the international community are aware of.

This story, known in Johannesburg as the Molekoa rape spree, should tell us the belief that the police are what stands between civility and lawlessness, in SA in particular, is entirely illusory.

And based on what EKP’s Johannes Coetzee discovered yesterday-that Molekoa believed the sex was consensual because “the women climbed into his POLICE vehicle”, it should also tell us that men like Molekoa see sex as an entitlement, not to be procured during a loving relationship, but seized when the urge arises.

I ask – is this cultural?

This is a fair question, as the wellbeing of our nations, the lives of our wives, mothers and daughters, depends on our ability to confront the rape culture that’s being brought to our lands.

Liberals will have you believe that rape is a serious issue in our society, when the perpetrator’s white and it occurs on college campuses. When the perps black, or it occurs in a township or ghetto, they’re eerily  silent.

That’s precisely why we’ve heard nothing from the likes of Oprah, and why she hired men just like Mr. Molekoa to run her South African girls academy. Take a wild guess what happened there.

The idea that rape and race have any correlation, in spite of what the reams of statistical evidence tell us, is as off limits, as talking about the ethnicity of the people behind the rise of global communism.

But recognising the cultural aspects of rape, is hugely important, and here’s why.

Immigration of people that are raised in rape cultures like South Africa, is why we are seeing more and more incidents such as this on our shores – quite often perpetrated by men that look like Mr Molekoa. When they don’t, the perpetrators typically prescribe to Islam, which for all intents and purposes indoctrinates men with this very same mentality. This is especially the case when it comes to how Muslim men view non-Islamic women and children. Think of the 1400 mostly white innocent children raped in Rotherham if you’re in doubt.

Although this is an update of an earlier story we ran, here’s some background on the Molekoa case.

-Mokolo Molekoa, 30, stationed in a suburb of Johannesburg, patrolled predominantly white neighbourhoods. He was of accused of raping well over 100 women during his time working as a policeman in the city. During the trial, the prosecution alleged that Molekoa offered lifts to women that were either walking alone, requested his assistance or had stopped him for directions – after which he would rape them. Victims were a mixed group – white, black and mulatto.

-In some cases he would gang rape the women with accomplices, other times on his own.