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KC racial spree killer is believed to have killed seven people

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the USA.

A black career criminal in Kansas City, MO is accused of slaughtering five elderly white people in two separate attacks. He is also suspected of killing of two white teenagers in 1998. The suspect has been in and out of prison for much of time in between the two 98 murders and the 2014 murders. However, it should not be ruled out that he could have other victims.

The media won’t even report that all of the victims are white people.

From Washington Post…

An elderly couple beaten last week in a Kansas City, Mo., rampage died on Tuesday, pushing the total death toll to five — and bringing a possible death penalty for the suspect.

George Taylor, 80, and his wife, Ann, 86, had been in the hospital since Sept. 2, when they were found unconscious and badly beaten inside their home, the Kansas City Star reported. The beating is connected with the shooting deaths of 69-year-old Susan Choucroun, 88-year-old Lorene Hurst and Hurst’s 63-year-old son, Darrel Hurst.

“George and Ann died peacefully and we are blessed that they left this earth together,” the Taylor family said in a statement. “They were married more than 40 years, and loved each other dearly.”