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LAPD racism claim was a hoax, Django Unchained actress was alledgedly having sex in her car

Yet another “racist police” claim by the media goes down in flames.

Django unchained actress Daniele Watts was detained by the LAPD for allegedly having sex in her car and trying to flee when police arrived. The LAPD detained Watts as a possible prostitute.

Watts then appears on national television claiming she was harassed because she was black.

From UK Mail Online…

The Django Unchained actress who claimed she was harassed and injured by police after kissing her boyfriend was actually having sex in her car it is alleged, and then went on a rant accusing police of not knowing who she was.

In a police audio of the incident obtained by TMZ, Daniele Watts is heard accusing the police of racism when Sgt. Jim Parker asks her for ID. She then tells cops that they don’t who she is before storming off, refusing to show her ID.

Witnesses from the nearby Directors Guild office building allegedly told the police they were watching her and her boyfriend have sex in the passenger seat with the door open.

One eyewitness said the man was sitting in the seat while she was straddling him, in plain sight of everyone around them.

After storming off, Watts was apprehended by a police officer a short distance away and brought back where she continued her rant.