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Level of racial violence too big for Milwaukee media to hide

“Unruly teens” keep wrecking every festival in the Milwaukee area.

For the second year in a row, “unruly teens” massed at the Wauwatosa, WI “Tosa Fest” and exploded into spontaneous violence. By “unruly teens” the media means “black teens.” This was just the latest in a long string of Milwaukee area festivals to see mob violence by black teenagers.

The Milwaukee area media is one of the most notorious media markets in America for censoring black crime. They will print stories like, “Teenage mob brutally attacks random pedestrians in broad daylight in crowded area,” then claim that no description of the attackers exists. If you call the news rooms, they will arrogantly deny that they are censoring descriptions of the attackers.

The Minneapolis media does the same. Last January, this website published an expose on the crime wave targeting students at the University of Minneapolis. The media was reporting a spike in crimes against students, including mob attacks, but censored all descriptions of all perps in every story. We looked at the campus police bulletins for a five month period and every single crime, in which the race of the suspect is known, the suspect was black. Our expose led to black student groups and black professors calling the campus police department racist and demanding that the police censor race in the same way the local media does.

From American Thinker (Colin Flaherty)…

The latest case happened Saturday night in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa. Every year, they have a Tosa Fest, complete with ring tosses, pretzel booths, and this year, a free outdoor movie, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs II.

It is supposed to be a family affair. Not this year. A large group of black people were milling around, then attacking people, then throwing things.

It got so bad they cancelled the movie.

The Mayor said “several” people had a brawl. An “isolated” case of violence. Jim Stingl took to his column at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to let everyone know this was not a case of black mob violence — the kind they had at the Wisconsin State Fair a few years ago.

“As you can guess, the concern over TosaFest is partly about skin color,” said Stingl. Both black kids and white kids were causing the disturbance. “They were all hanging out together.”

Isn’t that a nice lie.

Talk show host Jeff Wagner went along with it: Those darn teens were at it again.  Violence had nothing to do with race, get it?

More and more people in Milwaukee do not.  They say Tosa Fest was just another example of the black mob violence that “ruined” the State Fair. This violence was captured on 911 calls that allowed people to hear accounts of hundreds of black people storming in and out of the fairgrounds attacking white people and destroying property.

Others recalled the black mob violence at the Mayfair Mall that caused shoppers and store employees to cower in fear in dark closets as they called 911 and begged police to hurry.

Those 911 calls are available here.

Some remembered the black mob violence that forced Greek Fest to move to more secure quarters. And cancel River Splash all together.

Though you won’t find a reporter in town to say so.

Others remember the July 3 case of black mob violence made famous in that best selling book White Girl Bleed a Lot, authored by your intrepid correspondent. Videos show 50 to 100 black people looting a grocery store, then taking their stolen goods to a nearby park. There they beat a few white kids. At one point, a black woman was standing over a white girl, and motioned to her friends to look down at the prostrate figure: “White girl bleed a lot,” she said.

Everyone thought that was very funny. Except the victims.

This is a long list: The Juneteenth party is an occasion of regular black mob violence in Milwaukee. In 2012, hundreds of black people rampaged, assaulted, fought with police and destroyed property. They even attacked a horse.

A local news helicopter captured some of the carnage: Hundreds of black people storming up a street, surrounding a car, pulling the occupants out, beating them. Then doing it again to another car. More victims.

As the aerial footage played as B-Roll behind a reporter for WTMJ, he  said — with a straight face — it was too bad just a “few people” could tarnish the reputation of such a nice event — for the second year in a row.

Over the summer, two black people were shot and killed during robberies and assaults during episodes of black mob violence in an upscale shopping district. Police estimate this group was responsible for dozens of cases of violence and mayhem during a two month period.

Of course, that does not count the two black people who were shot and killed after their group attacked, held down and beat a janitor with a baseball bat. He took out his gun and killed two of them. Their families demanded the janitor be arrested for murder because the people he killed were good boys who were on their ways to college where they were going to study (nuclear physics or something like that).

And lots of others remember how Seandell Jackson and his buddy killed “the white boy” Nathaniel Potter and how, in court, Jackson’s friends taunted and threatened the family of the dead man: “We hate you,” they screamed.