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Major Israeli news site praises the Islamification of Europe

The text is in reference to this picture.

A major Israeli news site,, praised the Islamification and subsequent ruining of Europe. Alexa ranks the site as the 203rd most popular website in Israel and the 1,800th most popular in the USA.

The message was attributed to Eliyokim Cohen, who appears to be a regular columnist at the site.

From Jews News…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture that sums Europe…err Eurabia up any better than this one.  Look at the policemen in fear, cowering away from the fearless muslims attacking them.  The entire continent is finished they just don’t know it yet, within a decade some of the most famous cities in the world will be a shell of their former selves…I for one won’t shed one tear, the anti-semitism eminating from Europe for over 2,000 years has caused so much suffering for the Jewish people.

Many Jewish organizations in the USA and Europe are at the forefront of promoting open borders and multiculturalism. However, some Jewish open borders advocates do so as a Holocaust revenge fantasy. Some of these very people write articles demanding that Israeli remain Jewish, but call for open borders and multiculturalism elsewhere. They feel they are getting revenge for the Holocaust by promoting policies that will wreck Europe.