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Michigan man sentenced for racial spree shooting

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This was a story we reported on last year. A group of black males saw a Christmas party going on in a Muskegon County home. They tried to enter the party uninvited. When they refused entry, one of the uninvited black males attacked a party goer in the front yard. The the victim of this initial attack was apparently able to fight off his attacker.

The group of uninvited black males ran to their car. Then one of them, Deontay DeMarco Black-Wickliffe, took out a gun and began shooting at random white people from the car. One person died and three were injured. Racial hatred was undoubtedly a key motive in the shooting.

If the races had been reversed, this trial would have been major national news story. CNN, MSNBC, ABC National News, and many others would have been camped out in front of the courthouse.


The former high school athlete-turned college student — who stood 6 foot, 5 inches tall, a spitting image of his father – wanted to get married, have a couple of boys of his own, but now none of that will happen, said his grieving parents at the sentencing of their youngest son’s killer, Deontay DeMarco Black-Wickliffe.

The courtroom, packed full of friends and family of Ogreen, and some on the opposite side for the Black-Wickliffe family, sat quietly, some weeping while embracing each other, as the parents gave heart-wrenching statements at the podium in front of the judge.

“Do you know how I spent my Christmas? I got to bury my son and his Christmas presents, thanks to you,” said Ogreen’s mother, Jeanette Ogreen, turning to face her son’s killer.

“You have no idea whatsoever what you’ve taken from me. You have no remorse. I would love to get a hold of you. You’re a sick individual. … I won’t get a grandchild. I hope you get everything you deserve in prison. Jesus will take care of you after that.”

Both parents addressed 22-year-old Black-Wickliffe, who wore an orange jail jumpsuit with a cross around his neck, during his sentencing on Thursday, Sept. 18, in the courtroom of Muskegon County Circuit Judge Timothy G. Hicks.

Black-Wickliffe was sentenced to 28 to 63 years in prison for the murder charge; 21 to 50 years for the three counts of assault with intent to murder; and two years for felony firearm. He lost a motion to withdraw his earlier no-contest plea to the charge on Thursday as well.

Ogreen, 21, was fatally shot in the chest on Dec. 21, 2013, after a large group of uninvited guests – including Black-Wickliffe — showed up and an outdoor fight erupted between one of them and one of the partygoers.

Authorities said Black-Wickliffe shot Ogreen when he fired off a spray of bullets outside the party after the fight, which did not involve Ogreen, ensued.

Wounded by gunshots were Julius Pamer, shot in the buttocks, the man who knocked out a friend of Black-Wickliffe’s in a fistfight and allegedly kicked the friend in the head; Nicholas Gifford, whose right thigh was broken by a bullet; and Cody Sharlow, shot in the hip area.

Also charged in the case is Alexander Bumstead, 23, of Blue Lake Township. Bumstead is charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly pointing out Pamer to Black-Wickliffe while allegedly knowing that Black-Wickliffe sometimes carried a gun.

Gary Ogreen was killed in the racial spree shooting. Three other whites were injured by gunfire.

Deontay DeMarco Black-Wickliffe