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Militant Latino judge says illegal alien home invaders are actually “victims”

Judge Rosa Trevino defended illegal alien serial burglars saying they are “victims.”


Police in South Texas captured two illegal alien teens who they say were part of a burglary ring which targeted ranch homes in secluded areas looking mainly for firearms.

The judge presiding over the case took a more lenient tact, and said she thought the two thieves were the “victims.”

“To me they are victims like those who cross the drugs across the river,” Judge Rosa Trevino told Valley

However, Rio Grande Valley residents, whose lives are directly affected by the threat or criminal illegals, didn’t hold back.

“They leave their country for a better life?!!! Hard to believe when all they do is commit crimes and get themselves into trouble…,” said one person commenting on’s version of the story.

“These are the illegals Obama is bringing over here. These are the dreamers. Where is LUPE now? They don’t want to defend these criminals?,” pointed out another person.

“Judge Trevino is an idiot apologist like LUPE. ‘They only came here to work.’ They were coerced by the money they would be paid for their stolen goods. Hang these idiots :P,” commented another, referring to the Judge’s remarks.

While the pro-establishment media has attempted to elicit sympathy from the American people for the flood of immigrants illegally bypassing the southern border, American citizens living in the destructive path of drug and human smugglers, murderers, rapists and thieving illegal aliens are way beyond mincing words.

Just last month we reported on the shooting of Border Patrol agent Javier Vega, Jr., after he died trying to defend his family from two illegal immigrants who were attempting to hijack his vehicle.