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Muslim immigrants brutally beat Dutch girl in broad daylight and post video on the internet

Holland’s “Sharia Triangle” has now become ground zero for Muslim immigrants who openly support ISIS.

For years an area near the Hague has been called the “Sharia Triangle.” Muslim gangs patrol neighborhood and beat ethnic Dutch in mob attacks. Recently, Muslim immigrants in the Sharia Triangle have been displaying Al-Qaeda and ISIS flags in public.

This video shows a broad daylight attack on a young Dutch girl near the Dutch capitol. Two Muslim immigrants brutally beat the girl on a crowded street while a friend videotapes. They posted the video online to brag about the assault.

Muslim immigrants wave Al-Qaeda’s black flag at a rally in the Dutch Sharia Triangle on July 31st, 2014. At least one ISIS flag can also be seen. The crowd chants “maut al Yahud” which means “death to Jews.” Many Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands view themselves as conquering Jihadists who are carving out a new Islamic state within Europe.