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Prominent gangster rapper, who toured with DMX, now part of ISIS inner circle

Dennis Cuspert, AKA Deso Dogg, is believed to be fighting for ISIS in Syria.

A successful black gangster rapper from Germany is now considered to be a prominent member of ISIS and a veteran Jihadist fighter. The man, known as Deso Dogg, once toured with American superstar DMX.

Note: This is a different ganster rapper than the ganster rapper from Britain that appears in the Foley beheading video.

Deso Dogg, real name Dennis Cuspert, is the offspring of a German mother with an immigrant from Ghana. He was immediately abandoned by his father after he was born. His mother re-married an American stationed in Germany with the US army.

He is believed to have converted to Islam while serving time in prison in 2006. Around 2010 he began attending a hardline Salafist Mosque in Bonn, Germany. Around 2011, he published a video praising Osama Bin-Laden and the leader of the Taliban. He now goes by the name Abu Talha.

Deso Dogg racked up a serious criminal record before hitting it big as a gangster rap star. His lyrics focused on black power and Islam. He opened for big name US rap star DMX for the German leg of his world tour. One of his most well known songs is an anti-white black power anthem called “The War Against the Black Man.”

In September of 2013, Deso Dogg was seriously injured in an airstrike by the Syrian air force. However, he survived and won the respect of the ISIS leadership. He is now part of an ISIS team that publishes recruitment materials aimed at Muslims living in Western countries. German intelligence sources consider him to be part of the ISIS inner circle.

Deso Dogg toured with American gangster rapper DMX.

German intelligence is watching for 400 Muslims that it believes have left the country to fight for ISIS. They say Deso Dogg and others will be arrested if they attempt to return to Germany. There could be many more than just 400.

Overall, thousands of Muslims have left Europe to fight for ISIS. There are also hundreds, maybe thousand of Chechens and others from the Caucasus region. Small numbers are believed to have left the USA, Canada, and Australia as well.

Note: The first video is “War Against The Black Man,” a black power anthem claiming that black people are oppressed by the white man. The second song blends black urban thug culture with Islam. He calls on gangbangers to kill the enemies of Islam instead of each other.

Deso Dogg in Syria, posing with an RPG.

Deso Dogg in Syria, posing with an RPG.