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Remorseless Dante Taylor screams “your racist” at jury

From Finger Lake Times…

Dante Taylor was convicted of several charges Wednesday following his trial in Wayne County Court, but he was only around to hear the first one.

Shortly after the jury foreperson announced he was guilty of first-degree murder, the Rochester man unleashed an expletive-laced tirade before being taken out of the courtroom by several deputies.

“I didn’t do this [expletive],” Taylor yelled at the jury before Judge Daniel Barrett ordered him out of the courtroom. “You racist [expletive] are sending me to prison for [expletive] I didn’t do.”

After Taylor was out of the room, the foreperson — visibly shaken — announced guilty verdicts on charges of murder, arson and burglary in the July 14, 2013, stabbing deaths of 54-year-old Terri Moulton and her 30-year-old daughter, Stacy. The jury deliberated for an hour Tuesday afternoon and about four hours Wednesday before reaching the verdict.

The Moultons’ bodies were found in the Route 14 home of Shawn Yager, who had asked Stacy Moulton to feed his cat while he was on vacation. The jury found Taylor, 33, guilty of burglarizing the home and killing the Moultons — who lived nearby on Champlin Road — after they happened upon him.