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Serial killer gets life sentence for three murders in the 80’s

In the 1980s Samuel Little lured three woman with drugs and then beat and strangled them for the fun of it. Authorities believed he killed dozens more all over the nation.

From Miami Herald…

As Audrey Nelson clawed for her life while being beaten and strangled 25 years ago, she grasped something that finally brought justice for her family Thursday and helped send a serial killer to prison.

DNA found under Nelson’s fingernails eventually led to Samuel Little, who was sentenced to three consecutive terms of life in prison for the murder of Nelson and two other women during the crack cocaine scourge, when several serial killers preyed on drug users and prostitutes in South Los Angeles.

Over the years, Little built a lengthy rap sheet across the country and is also being eyed in dozens of other killings nationwide.

Sherri Ann Nelson said after sentencing that she took some comfort knowing that her sister, who had survived horrific burns in a New York City apartment fire years before her death, had grabbed a key piece of evidence during her final struggle.