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Shock Reuters polling data: 31.6% of Latinos open to seceding from United States

Reuters is claiming that their polling data shows 23.9% of all Americans are open to the idea of their state seceding from the Union. The total sample size of the poll was 9,000.

However, when Reuters wrote about the results they focused on age, income level, and education level. They did not focus on race. Many on the internet incorrectly believed that the strongest support was coming from white people. This is not correct.

We dug deep into the Reuters polling data and found some shocking results.

Among Latinos, 31.6% are open to seceding from the United States. What is even more shocking is only 43.3% are opposed. The rest are unsure. This website has said all along that many Latino immigrants support breaking up the United States and creating a new Latino country in the Southwest.

We looked at how Latinos in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas voted. 34.9% supported secession and 45.1% were opposed.

Among blacks, support is almost as high with 29.8% and only 48.4% opposed. Recently Jackson, MS, the biggest city in Mississippi and 80% black, elected an outspoken advocate of black separatism as mayor. He calls for carving out a new “Republic of New Afrika” inside the American south.

Support is actually lowest among white people. Only 21.5% of whites are open to secession and a large majority, 58.1% are opposed.

Support among whites was only slightly higher in the south. We compiled the results for the 11 states that seceded during the Civil War.

Southern Nationalist Flag

The Southern Nationalist Flag. A modern flag for Southern secessionists.

White support in these 11 states was only 22.9%. A total of 53.9% of whites were opposed. So the only significant increase among white southerners were people who voted “Don’t Know.” Among the five “deep south states,” support increased to 26.2% with 48.9% opposed.

Support among whites in Texas was much higher, with 33% open to secession and 43% opposed.

Among whites of different religions support was as follows. Baptist: 27.1%. Protestant (other than Baptist): 20.8%. Catholic: 20%. Mormons: 20%. Jewish 11.8%.

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