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Should police be held accountable when they get small time drug offenders killed as informants?

This is a story we have seen before. A white female police informant killed by black male gangbangers.

Some police departments will pressure attractive white females to entrap hardcore black male gangbangers on drug charges. The female victim is being coerced by police. She has been caught with a small amount of illegal narcotics and is being threatened with jail time if she doesn’t perform some dangerous mission for police.

According to public records, Branda Brasham was facing a trial for a felony. So it is highly unlikely that she simply volunteered for a dangerous mission for the Charleston, WV police.

From Charleston Gazette…

Marlon Dewayne “Ice” Dixon shot to death Branda “MiMi” Basham because she was working with law enforcement as a confidential informant on drug investigations, police said Thursday.

Basham’s assistance led to Dixon’s arrest and indictment for distribution of narcotics, according to the criminal complaint.

Dixon was arraigned in Kanawha County Magistrate Court Thursday night and is being held without bond.

He faces life in prison on first-degree murder charges.

Basham, 22, was shot three times sometime early Saturday, Charleston Police Chief of Detectives Steve Cooper said. Her body was found along the railroad tracks near Breece and Madison streets on Charleston’s West Side.

Several interviews with people who know Dixon assisted the Charleston Police in their investigation.

One witness who has an intimate relationship with the defendant allegedly told police Dixon came to and left her home at Madison Street several times throughout the night of the shooting.

Home surveillance footage from the house showed Dixon using a rag to wipe down the front door knob and door the night of the murder, according to the criminal complaint.

Another witness told police Dixon showed up that night and asked her to wash his clothes, which she did.

She also said she received a phone call from Dixon after the police executed a search warrant and Dixon asked if the police got his shoes.

She said the defendant started yelling at her and said “there is probably blood on them!”

After obtaining a search warrant, Charleston detectives detected blood on both the door and a pair of the defendant’s tennis shoes.

The same witness said Dixon was carrying a black pistol in his waistband the night of the murder and also told her “MiMi was killed because she wore a wire and was working as an informant for the police,” according to police.

Another witness told police Dixon allegedly told her the night of the murder that Basham had got him caught and asked her if she had seen Basham.