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Teenagers with ankle monitors arrested for racial hate crime murder in New Orleans

All across America, you black males target white pizza delivery men for thrill killings. This website knows a man who was delivering pizzas in a black neighborhood and shot in a racially motivated hate crime. Two black men just walked up to him with guns and said “your going to die white boy.” One hit him in the arm with a .22. The second perp tried to fire his gun twice but it kept jamming.

The latest racial hate crime/thrill killing of a white pizza delivery man occurred in New Orleans and has a twist. Two of the three black male suspects are 16 year olds, and both were wearing ankle monitors. The killing makes a totally mockery of the New Orleans juvenile justice system. The pair were known to be dangerous thugs, but authorities released them under the guise that they were being electronically monitored.

After killing a 34 year old white pizza delivery driver, polices say the same three perps attacked a fifty year old white female victim and stole her car. A spokesman for the New Orleans police department downplayed the racial hate crime murder as “a carjacking gone bad.” The victim was driving a ten year old Toyota Corolla with huge dents and missing hubcaps. The level of violence is in extreme disproportion to the value of the victim’s clunker car that was stolen. They perps killed him, because they wanted too. They targetted him because he is white.

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major media event and police and media would be calling it a “hate crime.”


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Friends mourn for victim Richard Yeager. Photo from