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The Italian school with only one Italian

Immigrant groups already have highly organized racial lobbies in Italy.

Italians have one of the lowest birthrates in Italy. They are being absolutely replaced by Muslim Albanians, Arabs, and Africans. Does this constitute genocide of an ethnic group?


An Italian mother has written to her city’s mayor claiming her son is the only Italian of all 66 children at his nursery school. She added that integration has been reversed, with Italian children scarce among a large group of foreigners.

“To me, having a school with 65 foreign children and only one Italian seems like an educational and teaching mistake,” Eleonora Baccaro said in a letter, addressed to Massimo Bitonci, the mayor of Padua, northern Italy.

The letter was published in Il Mattino di Padova, a local newspaper.

Baccaro added that she is very concerned about what’s happening at Quadrifoglio pre-school in the city’s Arcella area, which takes children aged three to six.

“The ratio is so disproportionate; we can’t even talk about integration. Unless it’s integration in reverse, with Italian children being among a large group of foreigners,” she wrote, as cited by the Local.

Baccaro added that she is not a racist and her concerns are not based on “intolerance towards those who come from afar.” She explained that the question she poses is only from a cultural and pedagogical standpoint.

“With so many children from a different cultural background, and having a different religion to ours, how can you arrange, for example, any kind of Christmas play inspired by our Catholic faith? This is not good.”