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Update in Amren lawsuit

Daryl_Lamont_JenkinsThe $50,000 judgement against left-wing gang leader Daryl Lamont Jenkins is once against moving forward. Jenkins believed he was off the hook when David Yeagley died of cancer. However, the judgement has now been re-assigned ownership.

The judgement was for tortious interference related to the cancellation of the Washington DC American Renaissance conference. Members of a violent left-wing gang network made threatening phone calls to multiple hotels to get the conference cancelled. Jenkins runs an umbrella website for the gang and bragged on video about being responsible for getting the conference cancelled.

Jenkins is over forty, but rumored to still live with his parents. It is unlikely that he has any money. However, there are many examples of an offenders domain name being seized. Jenkins would have to start over from scratch building an audience after fifteen or so years of running the site. His website has been doing very poorly for the past several years. The SPLC, which likes to wink at left-wing violence, occasionally plugs his site.

Daryl Lamont Jenkins