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Victim of racially motivated lynching in West Point, MS moved to rehab center

On the night of August 23rd, two white male veterans were entering a Waffle House in West Point, Mississippi, a small majority black town. One of the males was stopped by an older black male who warned him not to enter. He said that other blacks males inside the building were on the warpath over the Mike Brown media frenzy.

When he entered the Waffle House, he found his friend Ralph Weems already surrounded and being menaced by black males. Police were called and the two white males left. Then they stopped at an empty Huddle House down the road. However, the mob of black males followed them and they were brutally attacked. Weems was left unconscious and near death in the parking lot. Weems sustained severe brain damage.

The local black police chief and the media downplayed the crime and lied about the condition of the victim. The local black police chief portrayed the vicious mob lynching as a mutual altercation in which “someone got hurt.”

Doctors initially said Weems may never recover and remain in a persistent vegetative state.

On September 15th Weems began speaking again for the first time. On September 22th doctors announced that he was healthy enough to move to a rehab center. He was moved to the rehab center on September 24th.

There is a gofundme page to raise money for rehab costs.

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