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74 year old arrested for racial hate crime murder in Iowa

Last November. Rebecca Darlene Crook was nearly killed by a 74 year old black male. The perp threatened her life and was then found to be holding a knife and on his way back to her apartment. The perp admitted to wanting to kill Crook.

Yet, authorities released the violent perp after only five months. Police say he returned to the apartment complex and stabbed Rebecca Crook to death.

From Des Moines Register…

Des Moines police believe Wednesday’s fatal stabbing was connected to an incident in November, a spokesman said Thursday.

Norman Wadsworth, 74, of Des Moines has been charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Rebecca Darlene Crook, 58.

Crook worked as the apartment manager at the building where she was stabbed, and Wadsworth was a former resident, police said.

In November, Crook and some pest control workers had entered Wadsworth’s apartment and found him holding a knife to his side. After the victim had left, Wadsworth said “he should go downstairs and stab” her, police said.

Wadsworth denied verbally threatening Crook. He told authorities that “his intention was to kill Darlene Crook but common sense stopped him,” according to a criminal complaint.

Wadsworth served about five months in jail and was ordered to abide by a no-contact order.

At a court appearance Thursday, a judge set a $500,000 cash-only bond for Wadsworth and a preliminary hearing date of Oct. 27.