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8 babies infected with TB along US border

An El Paso hospital along the border of Mexico allowed a nurse’s assistant continue working in the maternity ward despite showing symptoms of TB. Now, eight babies have tested positive for TB.

The identity of the nurse’s assistant is being concealed.

TB, including deadly antibiotic resistant strains, have exploded in the US as Obamam has increased support for illegal immigrants.

From UK Mail Online…

A shocking tuberculosis outbreak in a Texas hospital has now hit home for three more terrorized homes after a nurse’s assistant was allowed to continue working with newborns for weeks after she began showing symptoms of the disease.

Eight babies have tested positive for TB following the August 21 discovery that a Providence Memorial Hospital nursery employee suffered from the active, highly contagious form of the disease, it was reported last week.

The revelation that the El Paso nurse had reported symptoms as far back as July has now become all the more disturbing as authorities have raised the number of infants possibly exposed to 860.

The infants who’ve tested positive all have a latent form of tuberculosis and have been offered treatment that will prevent them from becoming ill.

El Paso Public Health Director Robert Resendes said Thursday that of the eight, five babies had been vaccinated previously against TB and their results may be false positives.  

The report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reveals that the nurse assistant on July 2 told others at Providence Memorial Hospital she was fatigued and coughing up blood. However, she didn’t stop working until after her Aug. 15 shift and her private doctor diagnosed her with the active form of the disease on Aug. 21.

Dozens of the potentially infected babies came from nearby New Mexico.

The hospital worker may have also exposed about 40 other hospital workers starting all the way back in September 2013, said Dr. Hector Ocaranza, the health authority for El Paso County.

Ocaranza didn’t say how the nursery worker may have contracted the disease, citing privacy laws.

Employment and medical records were reviewed to determine which infants and hospital workers may have been exposed.

Ocaranza noted that TB is treatable and said the possible exposure at the hospital doesn’t represent a public health threat.

The discovery of the infected employee also prompted an inspection of the hospital by regulators, who found several violations that could threaten the hospital’s Medicare funding and posed ‘an immediate jeopardy to patient safety,’ said David Wright, deputy regional administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.