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Brand new police involved shootout in Ferguson, MO

Two black males, suspected of burglarizing a gun store, were injured when Federal police open fire on them. The two suspects rammed an ATF vehicle with their car, and ATF agents opened fire. The pair were injured from ramming the car, but were not hit by any bullets.


ATF agents fired at two men in a car that tried to hit them as they attempted to arrest the men in a burglary case Friday afternoon, the agency says.

No one was hit in the shooting at a Ferguson apartment complex, but the men in the car had minor injuries from colliding with a law enforcement vehicle, authorities said.

ATF agents were at the Park Ridge complex to arrest suspects in the burglary of firearms from a store, according to ATF Special Agent John Ham. One of the men, Brandon M. Foster, 22, has numerous felony convictions and was wanted on a charge of being a felon in possession of ammunition filed in federal court Friday, law enforcement sources said.

Agents were looking into the ammunition purchase because they already suspected Foster of involvement in the theft of multiple guns from a pawn shop in Wentzville earlier in the week, the sources said. Authorities found five guns stolen from the gun shop — three in the car and two elsewhere nearby, Ham said.

Foster was also being sought on an arrest warrant out of St. Louis on a drug charge and a charge of resisting or interfering with a lawful stop. Charging documents in that case claim that on Aug. 4, Foster had heroin and fled from police, speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, running red lights and almost hitting a pedestrian.

When agents spotted the suspects in a car and identified themselves as law enforcement, the car rammed into the agents’ vehicle, Ham said. The agents got out of their vehicle, the suspects drove at them, and the agents fired multiple times, Ham said.

No one was hit. The suspects had minor injuries from the collision, Ham said. They were taken to a hospital, where family members said they were told the men would be released into law enforcement custody.

The ATF agents were not injured.