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Charleston football coach fired for “racist” watermelons

We keep hearing that black people are oppressed by whites. Yet, no one can come up with real examples. So this is what the left-wing is reduced to. Persecuting a white football coach for having watermelons.

A white football coach has been fired because the team used a watermelon “for good luck,” then smashed and ate the watermelon after they won the game.

The coach is the victim of rising anti-white hatred. No actual instances of white people oppressing black people can be found. So the cult of multi-culturalism must pick random white people to sacrifice.

This is no different than a sun cult sacrificing humans so the sun will rise again. This religious cult must ritually sacrifice white people to appease the Gods of multiculturalism. This outrageous example is absolute proof that the politically correct left is nothing short of a full fledged region.

The petition to re-instate the coach is now up to 1,500 signatures.


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