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Confirmed: Dallas nurse caught Ebola from Eric Duncan

The Obama regime is actively encouraging and facilitating continued illegal immigration from Liberia. A White House spokeswoman admitted that the Obama regime has issued “tens of thousands” of VISAs to Liberians since the outbreak in Liberia began.

Eric Duncan quit his job and flew to the USA after his friends started dying of Ebola. The Obama regime gave him a VISA despite the fact that he lived in the hardest hit area of Liberia.

Obama unilaterally declared a de-facto amnesty for Liberians in 2011. Obama gives VISAs to Liberians knowing full well them plan to stay forever as illegal aliens and that they may bring Ebola to the United States.

Many other West Africans fly to Mexico and Central America, and simply walk across the US border.

Other Africa nation have sealed their border. Liberians can’t cross into other nations. Yet the far-left is declaring that it would be “racist” to seal the US border to West Africans.