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Confirmed: Ebola patient is a Liberian citizen

Thomas Eric Duncan is a Liberian from an Ebola ravaged area. After seeing friends die of the disease, he quit his job and fled to the United States. Most likely he planned to simply stay in the USA forever since Obama banned ICE from deporting Liberians starting in 2011.

Obama is also refusing to cancel incoming flights from Liberia.

Duncan flew from Liberia Dallas, Texas, making stops in Belgium and Washington DC. He came into contact with hundreds of people.

He is now believed to have contracted Ebola on September 15th. He arrived in the US on September 20th. He went to the ER in Dallas, Texas on September 26th, but was sent home. On September 28th, he was taken back to the hospital in an ambulance. Two days after that, on September 30th, they confirmed that he had Ebola.

Due to Obama’s amnesty with Liberia, Liberians who can afford to fly are coming here in large numbers. There is no telling how many Ebola infected Liberians could arrive in the USA.