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Danish opposition wants total end to illegal immigration

The Danish People’s Party [DF] is the third largest party with 22 seats (12.2%). They are a conservative, Euroskeptic, anti-immigration party. Now they are calling for a total end to refugees (AKA illegal aliens) in Denmark. They want to begin 100% deportation. They are finding support among the conservative/libertarian opposition parties.

For the past ten years DF has been a kingmaker in Danish politics. They only give their support to other parties that will back anti-immigration measures. Thanks to DF, Denmark has the strictest immigration laws of any any EU nation. DF is leading the charge for a 100% deportation rate of illegal aliens.

Venstre are classic liberals, which means libertarian. They have 47 seats (26.3%), making them tied for first place in the Danish parliament with the far-left Social Democrats. Venstre, along with other members of the opposition, are backing the idea that Denmark can do more to help the world’s refugee in other ways. Denmark would be better off sending foreign aid, than letting illegal aliens invade Denmark and live off of welfare and transform Denmark.

The Danish opposition makes up 48.6% of the parliament and Socialists and Communists make up the rest. The Social Democrats denounced the idea, because they rely on third world immigrants to become new Socialist voters.


The right-wing Danish People’s Party (DF) and the libertarian party Liberal Alliance (LA) have called on Danish authorities to stop welcoming refugees – and instead put them back on the plane to their country of origin.

DF (Dansk Folkeparti, or Danish People’s Party) were more harsh and straightforward of the two, with their spokesman Martin Henriksen telling Politiko media outlet that the party would like to see no refugees in Denmark whatsoever.

“I think that with one stroke, this would make Denmark incredibly uninteresting for asylum seekers and therefore believe that the asylum figures would plummet when they can’t receive a residence permit in Denmark,” Henriksen said.

“We will still honor our obligation to help refugees, but we will just do it in a different way,” he added.
DF also proposed to set up Danish-controlled refugee camps in “an African country, a country in Asia or the Middle East.”

Their colleagues from Liberal Alliance supported the cause.

“Figuratively speaking, they should be turned around at the airport, put on a plane and sent to a refugee camp in the area of where they came from,” LA leader Anders Samuelsen told Danish media outlet Jyllands-Posten.

He said that the refugees should get help abroad, unlike “the lucky ones” who manage to come to Denmark.

“We want to create a little bit of Denmark in Jordan, Lebanon or Israel, where we would be responsible for financing and operating refugee camps,” Samuelsen said.

Opposition party Venstre, which is viewed as a possible successor to the current ruling Social Democrats, said the proposals were “interesting” but hasn’t expressed its full support.

“In Venstre, we have for years thought that we should help more refugees in their communities, so therefore this is of course an interesting suggestion. My worry would be whether we could get the other countries to take on the responsibility, but it’s something we will look at,” Venstre spokeswoman Inger Støjberg told Politiko.