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Get The Gringo [‘s money through EBT]

Over half of all Latino immigrants are on at least one form of welfare. This includes those who are legal and illegal. The most common form of welfare that illegal aliens can qualify for is food stamps. Today food stamps are controlled electronically with EBT cards. These cards allegedly force the holder to only spend the money on food. However, more and more states are allowing food stamp recipients to withdraw their benefits as cash. That way they can spend it on lottery tickets, liquor, cigarettes, prostitutes, and illegal narcotics.

In New York and California, ATM machines can be enabled to allow food stamp recipients to withdraw their benefits in cash. In NYC, many strip clubs have ATMs that allow customers withdraw their food stamp money to spend on lap dances and shots.

Apparently Georgia is among the states now allowing food stamp recipients to get their benefits in cash. This “Latino Super Foods” in Rome, Georgia is advertising that they will cash out customers food stamp benefits if they make a purchase. The same shop advertises international wire transfers, which is a service most often used by illegal aliens.