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Grand Jury evidence shows a violent struggle inside Darren Wilson’s car

In his own rap songs, Mike Brown brags about being a violent monster and a “killer.”

Ferguson agitators continue to claim that Mike Brown raised his hands before being shot, and therefore all other factors are irrelevant.

However, leaked Grand Jury evidence shows that Mike Brown did in fact violently attack officer Darren Wilson inside his car. Wilson’s eye socket was shattered by the hulking 6’2″ man. Wilson did shoot Brown at close range inside the car. Brown’s blood splattered on Wilson’s uniform, gun, and inside the patrol car. Brown could have simply fled after being shot once. Yet he turned around and charged at an already pummeled Darren Wilson.

Mike was an aspiring gangster rapper, who sang about violence. He is on videotape committing strong-armed robbery just minutes before attacking Darren Wilson.

From a Mike Brown rap song:

I ain’t racist really
but I’m down with black and brown.
Those who are last shall be first,
Whites on the bottom now!