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Has “black culture” simply become “thug culture”

There are numerous indicators that the black community has been on a decline ever since the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s. But the election of Barack Obama, whom white liberals said would save black youth, seems to have triggered a free-fall avalanche. Each year, the prevailing culture of the black community seems to become more and more like a ganster rap video. There appears to be fewer and fewer blacks who are even trying to stop the continued decline.

This video is from Memphis. As many as 100 people gathered outside an apartment complex and preceded to beat the crap out of each other. There appears to be only one person, an elderly woman in a wheelchair, that is trying to break up the fighting. 23 year old Lopasheia Thomas was arrested for triggering the mob violence when she allegedly hit another girl from behind, injuring her and her seven year old son.

This video is from Delaware and shows a group of black adults encouraging very small children to fight each other. The adults laugh, cheer, and revel in the mayhem.