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Kurds: Turkey is directly aiding ISIS

Kurds say the Turkish army is protecting ISIS from Kurdish militias.

The US sponsored civil war in Syria quickly spread to Iraq, Lebanon, Golan Heights, and gave rise to the powerful group ISIS.

Pressure on the Kurds in Syria and Iraq has now re-ignited violence between Kurds and Turks in Turkey. ISIS continues to seize Kurdish territory in Syria, despite bombings by the US and coalition aircraft.

Turkey is blocking the border, so Kurds can not cross the border to aid their people. The Turkish prime minister blasted armed Kurdish groups, claiming they are just as bad as ISIS.

Turkey was a major US partner in training, supplying, and arming Sunni Jihadists in Syria. Turkey also provided safe havens for Sunni Jihadists and then shelled Syrian army positions when they tried to prevent Turkish backed Jihadists from re-crossing back into Syria. Many of the Jihadists that have been aided by Turkey now fight for ISIS.