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Michigan baby dies from D-68 virus brought by illegal aliens

To Barack Obama, importing new Democrat voters is far more important than public safety. The Obama regime actively entices and facilitates the entry of illegal aliens from central America. Then Obama distributes them all over the country. They introduced the deadly polio-like Enterovirus D-68 virus into the USA.

The virus is most commonly associated with children in Honduras. It has now killed two American children.

21 month old Madeline Reid from Michigan, and four year old Eli Waller have both been killed by the virus.

Obama is actively facilitating the spread of new infectious diseases in the USA. This is of little concern to Obama. The purpose of these illegal aliens is to transform America by replacing the American people anyway. For ever American citizen who dies, thousands more illegal aliens are being allowed to enter, or even received and cared for at taxpayer expense.

The Obama regime is even receiving illegal aliens directly from drug cartels, as long as all the illegals alleged that they are 17 or under. This puts money in the pockets of the drug cartels and is a direct violation of US law, Mexican law, and treaties between the US and Mexico. The illegal aliens are then cared for by the Obama regime at extreme expense to the US taxpayers. The illegals have been transported all over the United States, despite having a multitude of contagious diseases that were not previously present in the USA.