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“Negro-Geddon” if Wilson not indicted, says prominent black author

Taleeb Starkes is the author of The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NI@#$%S: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community. The book has been a surprise success in online sales.

Taleeb Starkes writes for and over conservatives websites, as well as

Taleeb Starkes told John Gibson, on Fox News Radio, that white people should prepare for “Negro-Geddon” if Wilson is not indicted. Starkes went on to say “there is an unbreakable covenant in the black community with thug culture. Thugs have diplomatic immunity in the black community.”

Taleeb Starkes did an internet podcast with Colin Flaherty yesterday

Book Overview:

A multi-generational clash continues between two oppositional cultures within the African-American community. This uninterrupted animosity stems from the subculture’s self-defeating, anti-society, values conflicting with the forward-thinking, pro-society values of BLACKS. As evidenced by the unparalleled amounts of homicides, violence, and mayhem occurring in the African-American community, this battle is essentially an Un-Civil War.

Over generations, many people (from all races) have sacrificed their time, careers, money, and even lives, so that African-Americans could have equal footing in this mosaic of a country called America. However, as evidenced by their entitlement mentality, the subculture within the African-American community chooses to selfishly reap the benefits obtained from the Civil Rights struggle, while ignoring the associated responsibilities that accompany those rights.

In summary, the dysfunctional subculture is determined to commandeer the African-American image and re-shape it into their counterproductive image and likeness. Moreover, their lack of positive achievement is devaluing historic BLACK achievements. Therefore, as BLACKS, exposing and isolating this defectively mutated segment from the African-American community must become our highest priority. Failure to proactively act has exacerbated our dire predicament and continued stagnation only furthers their destructive agenda. Today is the tomorrow that we should have prepared for yesterday.