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New York Times income research shatters “white privilege” hoax

We originally reported this in 2012. However, it is important to bring it back up as the media is now pushing “white privilege” conspiracy theories on a national level.

According to the New York Times, the income gap between Reform Jews and Hindus vs. the rest of America is greater than the income gap between blacks and whites. According the radical leftists like Tim Wise, himself an extremely wealthy Reform Jew, “privileged” population groups should relinquish their wealth. Tim Wise continues to make more money by advocating his extreme race-based Marxism, but has yet to lead by example.

According to the New York Times, Reform Jews and Hindus are dramatically more likely to have household incomes over $75k than members of other religions. This gap is far greater than the income gap between any two racial groups. Conservative Jews and Anglicans are also very high.

Obviously there are reasons for this, some of which are pretty controversial. The Hindu gap is easy to nail down. Most Indians who have come to the United States are from the top performers of a nation of over one billion. The Federal government then gives them taxpayer backed business loans to buy motels, gas stations, etc. Regular US citizens do not have access to the special benefits and tax breaks given to immigrants. They pay no Federal taxes or social security for the first five years. Often the ownership of their businesses is transferred to a new relative before they have to start paying taxes.

When you have the best and the brightest of a nation of over one billion, and then give them dramatic special financial benefits not afforded to the native born, it is easy to see why Hindus are at the top. Buddhists are performing above the average for the same reason.

The data highlights just how bad native born Americans are being screwed by the massive giveaway to immigrants through taxpayer backed small business loans to immigrants.

Nailing down the reasons for the high incomes of Jews is more complicated. However, the fact that Ashkenazi (German) Jews have been a merchant class for at least 1,000 years is undoubtedly the leading factor. Ashkenazi Jews are also the top performers, on average, on IQ tests. Prior to WWII Ashkenazi Jews had achieved higher incomes than their non-Jewish countrymen in German, Hungary, and other places.

At the bottom of the list is Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostals, and Baptists. All three of these denominations have a large percentage of black followers, as well as poorer rural whites.

The New York Times seems to suggest in their article that Jews and Hindus have become a privileged class with unfair advantages. Read Article from New York Times.

Graph from New York Times