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Obama regime openly admits that Liberians are flooding the USA

In 2011, Obama unilaterally declared that illegal aliens from Liberia could not be deported. This triggered a huge increase in illegal immigration from Liberia. Since the Ebola outbreak, it appears this has increased even more. The confirmed Ebola case in the US was a Liberian, who quit his job and fled to the USA when his friends began dying of Ebola.

The Obama administration issued him a visa despite being from one of the hardest hit areas of the Ebola outbreak. It is extremely unlikely that he intended to ever go back to Liberia.

At the White House press conference, a spokesman for the Obama administration admitted that “tens of thousands” of people have traveled from Liberia to the USA since March of 2014.

The White House also admitted that people “are coming from all over the world for medical treatment in the USA.” Yeah, illegal aliens getting free care at taxpayer expense.