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Racial mob attacks at U of I for three weekends in a row!

There has been an absolute explosion of violence around the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign campus.

The media has reported two weekends of “youths attacking students for no apparent reasons.” The local media is censoring the fact that all the perps are black. They also censor the fact that racially motivated mob violence against white college students has been common at Midwestern campuses for over twenty years.

The first weekend of October, at least three students were viciously attacked. The second weekend, at least five more were attacked. All the perps are described as black males in their early to mid twenties. This past weekend, at least one more student was attacked by a group of black males.

During the same time frame a black male sexually attacked two different students and another black male committed a strong armed robbery.

From campus police:

On October 17th, 2-3 black males brutally beat a student and rob him of possessions. (1 victim)

On October 14th, campus police arrested a black male for two sexual attacks on students. One of the perps was attacked in her own bed inside her apartment. (2 victims)

On October 12th, a student was the victim of a strong arm robbery at an ATM machine. The perp is a black male. (1 victim)

On October 11th, five different students are brutally attacked in four different incidents. Perpetrators are 6-8 black males. (5 victims)

The campus police only have police bulletins going back to October 11th. We know that three students were attacked by black males the weekend before October 11th.

That makes, at least 12 students attacked by black males within 14 days. No incidents of students being attacked by whites. Urbana-Champaign, IL is only 15% black!