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Racially motivated ax rampage in NYC

From NY Daily News…

The police officer whose skull was bashed in by a hatchet-wielding, radicalized maniac was on the mend at a Queens hospital, while another wounded cop was seen stepping out of his Long Island home Saturday.

Officer Kenneth Healey, 25, was talking and responsive in Jamaica Hospital two days after Zale Thompson, described as a loner who identified with radical Islam, hacked at his head with a hatchet, said a high-ranking cop who visited the officer Saturday. But, the colleague added, Healey — who was surrounded by his father and brothers in blue — has a long way to go until he is fully rehabilitated.

“He’s recovering, but it’s going to be a while,” said the cop, who did not identify himself.

Meanwhile, Officer Joseph Meeker, 24, who was also seriously injured when the hatchet sliced his arm, was spotted leaving his Long Island home in good spirits.

Thompson, 32, targeted four rookie cops Thursday on a busy stretch of Jamaica Ave. and was killed in a hail of 19 bullets. Bystander LaToya James, 29, was also struck. Officials have said she is in danger of being paralyzed.