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Rich white leftists disrupt St. Louis Symphony for Mike Brown

The mob in Ferguson is beating up rich white kids, but that didn’t stop these kids from disrupting the St. Louis Symphony to show solidarity with violent rioters.

A group of young, mostly white, protesters bought tickets to the St. Louis Sympathy orchestra only to disrupted it. They unfurled homemade banners and chanted praise of the violent criminal. The rest of the crowd mostly sat silently and then erupted into applause when security finally began driving them out of the concert hall.

Washington University in St. Louis is a hotbed of young Marxists from extremely wealthy families. It is the most expensive school in the region, $44,500 a year tuition, and the main source of this type of “activism” in the St. Louis area. These are the kind of people that pay $80 for t-shirts that say “young, angry, and poor.”

Tickets for the symphony ranged from $30 to $80.

Meanwhile, other white leftists have gone to join the protests in Ferguson, only get beat up for being white.