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Surveillance camera captures vicious hate crime mob attack against white female

z_victim2Crown Heights has been one of the epicenters of racially motivated black on white mob attacks for a while now. On October 2nd, a white female was walking by herself when three black males attack and brutally pummel her.

The sickening racially motivated hate crime left the victim hospitalized with a broken nose and lacerations.

It appears that the media completely censored this hate crime mob attack. It wasn’t until police released the video on October 20th, and someone posted it online, that the story saw the light of day. Even then, the major media outlets censored the race of the victim and called it a “robbery.”

Only the went out and interviewed the victim. The victim is 21 year Gwendolyn Reyes who is trying to make it as a model in NYC.

If the races had been reversed, this would have been a national news story!