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UK Daily Mail article is a hoax. No walls around Grosse Point Park, MI

Hoax! This wall is not blocking traffic from Detroit into Grosse Point Park, MI as the UK Mail Online claims.

This is what the UK Daily Mail is saying about Grosse Point Park, MI, an 83% white working class suburb of Detroit.

No entry! The ‘haves’ of a wealthy Michigan suburb who built FENCES across the streets to keep out Detroit ‘have-nots’ – UK Mail Online Headline

These “haves” have an average home value of only about $100k, and the homes pictured by the UK Mail Online are in no way typical.

The UK Mail online then shows a map of the Grosse Point Park/Detroit border and marks five major roads that they claim have been block off. Four of those roads are presently wide open. There is no fence blocking them. The fifth is an ongoing project to build a Farmers Market and walking district in Grosse Point Park. That road will be blocked off, but it is only one.

Below is a picture of future road block and farmers market that the city of Grosse Point Park is planning.


Construction crews are building a farmers markets which will block one road from Detroit to Grosse Point Park. Detroiters will still have four other entryways.

A quick check on Google Maps, shows that this map is a total hoax. Four of the roadblocks do not exit and the fifth is an ongoing construction project.