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Why isn’t pre-planned racial lynching of white family national news?

Black bus driver didn’t like white family riding her bus, so she allegedly recruited a black lynch mob to attack them.

The Civil Rights Acts says that any violence against a black person, by a white person, on public transportation is to automatically be investigated by the DOJ as a racially motivated civil rights violation. Yet, there never was and never has been any pattern of white on black violence on public buses. In major cities all over America, whites have been driven out of public transportation due to black on white racially motivated violence.

Yet, the crimes are never investigated by the DOJ and are considered “hush crimes” by the media.

We reported on this Baltimore attack previously, but it is still not getting much attention. Share this post everywhere. Share on Facebook and Twitter. Post on reddit and craigslist “rants and raves.” Post a link on any forum you use. Only you can get the story out.

A white couple, with a young child ride the public bus in Baltimore on a regular basis. One day, a group of about twenty young black males and females followed them of the bus and brutally beat them at the bus stop. The black female bus driver waited for the beatings to cease, then let the thugs back on and drove away.

The two adults were pummeled and their nine year old son was sprayed in the face with pepper spray.

Now the bus driver has been arrested for recruiting and organizing the lynch mob. Police say the bus driver didn’t like the white family riding her bus and recruiting a groups of young black males to carry out a broad daylight hate crime mob attack.

This crime was motivated purely by racial hatred. If the races had been reversed, it would be the biggest news story in America right now.

From American Thinker…

The victims were standing next to the bus driver and they heard her tell the newly-boarded students: “I don’t care where they get off. You handle that (Bleep) and I’ll take care of you. I’ll wait for you.”

Soon after, the family of three left the bus, along with the 20 black students who had just boarded it.

They beat and pepper-sprayed all three members of the family, choking and banging their heads on the ground — all while the bus driver waited and watched. All while some of the students got on and off the bus.

“I was really scared,” the 9-year-old victim told 11 News. “He said he tried to defend his mother but couldn’t. “I tried to get the girl that was beating her up off of her, and she turned around and pepper-sprayed me.”

Charging documents show the bus driver watched the assault and yelled several times, “Yeah, that’s what you get.” After the teens were finished with the beating, they got back on the bus, and the bus drove away, offering the victims no assistance, police said.

Murphy is awaiting a November trial. Eight students were also arrested.

The Baltimore Sun said this is the second recent example of a bus driver assisting people who assault riders.

Now you can go back to your real life, where bus drivers do not organize black mob violence against white families. Except for when they do.