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Woman gang raped for thirty minutes in public after rap concert

Four black males attacked and gang raped a woman in a crowded hotel parking lot. Numerous other black males watched, but did not call the police. A female witness was threatened with a gun when she tried to intervene.

Shockingly, the attack took place in a city that is less than 2% black. Black males from Chicago and elsewhere were staying at the hotel to attend a nearby rap concert.


Williams’s charges stem from an incident that occurred in the Wyndham Gardens parking lot in Kosciusko County on Aug. 10, 2014.

According to a probable cause affidavit from the Kosciusko County Prosecutor, on the night of the incident, the victim was in the Warsaw area to attend a rap concert at a local nightclub. After the concert, she went to her car in the hotel’s parking lot and noticed several items had been stolen. She was in the backseat of her vehicle when three males approached and surrounded the vehicle.

The males forced themselves on the victim, sexually assaulting and choking her, for approximately 30 minutes.

A witness and relative of the victim, reported that she came out of the hotel and observed four black males around the victim’s vehicle and a crowd of people, further from the vehicle, laughing and observing the incident. She could hear the victim in the car screaming and telling her assailants “no.”

The witness stated she attempted to help, but another male placed a gun to her ribs and told her to “shut up an watch”. After the assault, the three assailants got into a bluish SUV and left. The witness took a picture of the vehicle’s license plate.

The victim was taken to Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Center. Bruising around the victim’s neck, left leg and right arm were uncovered during the investigation.