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Woman raped after attending Al Sharpton’s birthday bash

After attending Al Sharpton’s birthday bash, “Outrageous” Rubenstein allegedly raped a 42 year old female guest after she passed out.

UK Daily Mail…

A top civil rights lawyer has been accused of raping a woman at his Manhattan home after Rev Al Sharpton’s star-studded 60th birthday party.

Sanford Rubenstein, 70, a high-powered attorney in New York, is said to have sexually assaulted the victim at his luxury apartment after the event at the four-star Four Seasons restaurant earlier this week, according to the New York Daily News.

Sources told the paper the rape of the woman, who is believed to be a 42-year-old executive with links to Sharpton, is being investigated as third degree.

The charge is brought when the victim is ‘incapable of consent’, which means she could have passed out or was very drunk at the time.

The likes of Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo, director Spike Lee and legendary singer Aretha Franklin were at Sharpton’s soiree on Wednesday night. 

Rubenstein is well-known in New York and has been involved in a number of high profile cases.

Recently he was chosen as the attorney for Sandra Amezquita, a heavily-pregnant woman who claims NYPD officers threw her to the ground belly-first during an arrest.

He is also representing the family of Eric Garner, who died after police officer held him down in what appeared to be a chokehold during an arrest on Staten Island in July.

‘Appearing frequently on national and local TV News, he has been quoted in all of New York’s daily newpapers. Rubenstein has been a guest advocating victims rights on Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Geraldo at Large, Inside Edition and Montel.’

He represented police-torture victim Abner Louima in his civil suit against the city. The case was settled in July 2001 for a stunning $7.1 million, the largest police brutality payout in city history at the time.

In 2010, he published a memoir self-titled Outrageous Rubenstein.