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7k+ march against illegal immigration in Dresden

Germany has seen a sudden explosion in marches against immigration and the Islamification of Europe. The latest occurred on November 24th in Dresden. The march was organized by a new group called PEGIDA, which stands for Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West.

Another group involved with the march is HoGeSa. This stands for Hooligans Against Salafism, and is a network of German soccer fan clubs. HoGeSa began organizing marches in North-Rhine Westphalia recently, and they have spread across the country like wildfire.

HoGeSa is essentially the German version of the British EDL. A single-issue protest movement made up largely of young men. The EDL also draws a lot of its supporters from soccer fab clubs.

The emergence of PEGIDA represents an expansion of the protest movement. The groups appears to attract a more middle class crowd, while HoGeSa supporters tend to be young working class, males.

Dresden march nov 24 2014 1080p by vlad43