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African Americans go to Namibia and murder a white man

In the past we have reported on several crimes, including murders, by American blacks against white people in foreign countries. Black on white violence by American blacks is so prevalent that we even see this violence being perpetrated by American blacks who are visiting foreign countries.

Now we can add Namibia to the list. Two American black males murdered a white Namibian citizen while . Namibia is less than 1% white.

From AP…

An American citizen attempted to escape from a prison in Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, but was caught, the country’s press agency said Monday.

The Namibian Press Agency, reported that Los Angeles native Marcus Kevin Tomas climbed a tree inside the Windhoek Central Prison and tried to jump over the barbed wire fence but instead landed on top of the fence. Prison authorities told the press agency that they found Tomas hanging from the barbed fence and called emergency medical services to remove him.

The agency said Tomas had injuries on his upper body and feet and was taken to a local hospital. Officials told the agency that Tomas was found with a mobile phone, wire cutting tools and a map from Windhoek to the coastal town of Swakopmund, which is more than 350 kilometers (about 220 miles) away.

Tomas and another American national Kevin Townsend were charged with the killing of a Namibian citizen, Andre Heckmair. According to local media, the men were arrested in 2011 and charged with murder, robbery and the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. Tomas now also faces charges of escaping police custody.