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African immigrants brutally lynch black teen for being a race traitor in Texas

A birthday party for High School students, at a home in Fort Bend County, Texas,was crashed by a huge group of uninvited adult black males. As many as fifty uninvited people showed up at the same time and began forcing their way into the home. The uninvited guests found out about the party on social media.

Once inside, the perps began menacing a white teenage female who was an invited guest. The victim immediately left the party, but the thugs followed her.

A seventeen year old black male, who was an invited guest, came to her aid. The perps told him “We black people aren’t like you black people.”

The seventeen year old black male was horrifically lynched by the mob, who kicked him over and over while he was on the ground. The white female victim was punched in the face and choked.

Four adults and two juvenile have been arrested and charged. Police are looking for an unidentified ringleader, whom they believe is between 20 and 23.

The names of the adult perps are Moshood Sodeke, Larry Ornoia, Kevin Rugurnbira, Prince Jalyesimi. All four have African surnames. 

County Sheriff insults victim, announces wristslapping.

The perps are only being charged with “Class A Assault,” a misdemeanor. The county sheriff insulted the victim, saying it would only have been considered a felony if the victim was killed!

Surveillance video of the lynching looks like attempted murder, a major felony. The crime was also motivated by racial hatred. Texas has a law that calls for increased penalties if there is a racial motivate. Texas also has an anti-lynching law. If four or more people commit a mob attack, they can be given increased penalties.

Assault with a deadly weapon is also a felony in Texas. Kicking someone in the head while they are on the ground is usually considered to be a deadly weapon.

Yet county sheriff Sheriff Troy E. Nehls says they didn’t commit a felony since the victim didn’t die!

Most local media outlets are censoring the races of the perps and victims. If the races had been revered, this would be the biggest news story in America right now.

County Sheriff Nehls says no felony was committed because the victim did not die.


At a press conference on Thursday morning, Sheriff Troy E. Nehls said that the teenage girl who hosted the party posted the details of the event on social media.

Nehls said some 50 teens flooded the home after word of the party had spread.

“You don’t know what kind of people you’re going to attract,” said Iqbal.

Many of the guests were uninvited, including the suspects — Moshood Sodeke, Larry Ornoia, Kevin Rugurnbira, Prince Jalyesimi, two juvenile boys, and an unidentified man.

Authorities said a teenage girl at the party felt harassed by the group and decided to leave with a friend, but the group followed them outside.

Surveillance video appears to show the suspects ganging up on the 17-year-old male victim, stomping, punching, and kicking him repeatedly while he was on the ground.  The girl was also struck in the face and choked when she tried to help him.

“There’s a total disregard for life when you look at using your feet to kick a person’s head.  They are very fortunate.  This could have been a felony,” Sheriff Nehls said.

One of the suspects allegedly said “We black people aren’t like you black people” during the attack.